Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tulip Festival 2016

Bethy and I were excited to Vienne to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point this spring. We like to go every year, and we couldn't wait to introduce V to this fun and beautiful tradition of ours. We went on the most perfect day, the blossoms had all bloomed and were looking gorgeous, it was overcast and cool which was such a sweet relief since most of our tulip festival memories are of hot, sweaty, sunny days.

V loved the festival! She loved all the flowers, the colors and the wide open spaces.

She is such a tease

While we were in the secret garden, our favorite spot, it had begun to rain and we were all freezing. We bundled Vienne up and started the walk back to the entrance of the gardens. While we were walking across the top of the waterfalls, I looked to see the resident owl was at home, she likes to nest in the rocks of the falls. Not only was she home, but she had three fluffy babies nesting with her! They were so adorable, all cuddled together trying to stay out of the freezing wind, while mom watched protectively a little ways away.


  1. So beautiful! Everything about this post. I love it. :)

  2. What a celebration of Spring! So happy you sister enjoy each other and share these special times with little VN! You enjoy life and make the most of every minute, Kate! These pictures are so refreshing and full of Spring, they are just beautiful!