Thursday, September 22, 2016

Harry Potter Party

Karin wanted to throw a Harry Potter dinner party for her boys so they would be prepared when we tour the Warner Brother Harry Potter Studios this summer in London! I, of course, couldn't wait! I love parties, and I love Harry Potter! I brought all of my fun HP things with me for decorating the table and fun pictures.

I brought a couple of chocolate frogs 
and I was excited to see which cards we got.
We got Professor Quirrell and a rocker wizard

I have always loved the golden snitch. I find 
it such a fascinating and imaginative item.

Harry and Hermoine's wands

Hermoine's Patronus 

Karin got everyone these adorable HP glasses


Cheesy Broomsticks 
Pumpkin Pasties

Whole Roasted Chicken
Seasonal Vegetables 
Roasted New Potatoes 

Wizard Hat Cupcakes
Hedwig Owl Cupcakes
Golden Snitch Cake Pops

Creamy Butter Beer

Our meal was modeled after a Hogwarts feast, and it was so delicious!
The pumpkin pasties were my favorite, they were so, so amazing.

After our school feast, it was time for Potions Class!
The boys were very excited for this portion of the evening.

Professor Snape and his teaching assistants

Exploding Polyjuice Potion

We made Veritaserum, but Ricky, I mean Professor Snape, didn't think
it was exciting enough, so he decided to add some alcohol and set it on fire...

Then it escalated to creating a ring of  fire outside the bowl.
There's never a dull moment when Ricky is around :) 

After potions class, it was time for some wand work 
out in the backyard.

We ended the night with a showing of 
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 
Everything about the evening was so much fun
and the boys, and I, can not wait until we get 
to tour the Harry Potter Studios this summer!

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