Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Peach Picking

Day two of my visit was spent at a fun little farm that had lots of fun things for kids, as well as peach orchards where guests could pick as many fresh peaches as they could carry.

We started off with a ride in the Cow Train, 
the little boys were giggly with excitement.

Next we got quite the work out bouncing around on the inflatables

I included this pictures purely because John's face is my favorite...

Then we raced rubber duckies (look at all those pink, flushed cheeks!)

We even found a couple of animals to visit. The little piggy was my favorite, he was so friendly.

Then we headed to the orchards to pick some peaches!

After spending the entire afternoon in the hot, Arizona sun, we needed some 
nice, ice cold beverages. Sodalicious never sounded so good!

 James is my favorite silly face selfie buddy. He makes the best silly faces, his scared face is my favorite.

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