Saturday, December 26, 2009

All Hallows Eve

This year's Halloween was a fun one! It took me a while to gather together all the pictures of all the events that it is getting posted a little bit out of order, better late then never right? So to begin this year's Halloween tale of adventures we start on the night before Halloween with my family's annual Halloween party. This year we had it at mom and dad's house since baby Griffin number three is on the way. This years costumes included me as Audrey Hepburn, Bethy and Reece as Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Jenny as a doctor, Mike as Woody from Toy Story, Evie and a monkey, Nora as Little miss muffit (complete with curds and way wrist band and a spider trick or treat bag) Mom as a Utah fan and dad as a BYU fan. Funny story about mom and dad's costumes, my mom had picked them out and when it was time dress up, my dad automatically went for the Utah hat and sweatshirt. We then informed him that he had to dress up as something he normally isn't and that he had to wear the BYU outfit, he grudgingly put on the blue and busted out the tie that Jenny had given him while she was a student at BYU, pretty sure it was the first, and probably the last, time he had worn it (My dad went to Utah and my mom went to BYU thus they had to switch for their costume.) He played the part of a BYU student very well and he was happy to be able to wear the Utah apparel to this years football games.

For dinner we had creamy chicken corn chowder in bread bowls I made and brought from Provo, it was a very delicious meal!

Every year we have a craft as our activity, this year it was making Halloween cupcakes! Beth and I had found patterns for spiders, owls and pumpkins. The rest of the family contributed their own original creative cupcake decorations. Mike, who always creates the most unique and clever designs no matter which craft we are making, created what he proudly called "Bone Henge." We finished our festivities by making our traditional caramel apples and watching The Never Ending Story, random I know, but in a way it was fitting, it has some "Halloweenish" aspects to it.


On Halloween night the Madisons, Nicky b. and I went to see one of our favorite singers, Lights, at Kilby court in Salt Lake City. The venue is a three car garage at the end of some sketchy ally way in the middle of down town, but it makes a great place for concerts! The opening band was an upcoming band from Provo! They were spunky and surprisingly quite good! Then we decided to take a break and hang out by the bon fire in the courtyard during the second band, we didn't think they were very good ... but we made sure to be back for the main attraction. Lights is a young singer from Canada that makes techno like danceish songs, she is totally great if you don't know who she is look her up on youtube or itunes. She is A M A Z I N G live, oh my goodness I loved EVERY song! She definitely put on a fun concert, definitely in the top five favorite concerts!


I have previously posted about my actual birthday but later we had a family birthday party for me and my dad and here is the documentation. We got our traditional backers cake, this year we asked for a halloween themed one and boy was it cool it incorporated everything Halloween onto one cake!

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  1. Feel free to drop by the house if you want anymore pics from this year. Ill try to email as much as I can this next week. And by the way...we should decide on what cupcake design we should cross off next in the Hello cupcake book as we are working our way through that book so well. I just got a way cute cake decorating book from Ali today that we will need to try a few designs from that in this next year as well.