Thursday, December 24, 2009

Floral Design

This last semester I took floral design at BYU and it was F A N T A S T I C!! I loved every minute of it! The teacher was so awesome and so were the frequent free gifts during lecture. We had a lab about every other week where we would create beautiful floral arrangements using the concepts we had learned that week in lecture. I documented each of my little masterpieces and here they are.

Assignment One: Wrapping Bouquets. Extremely easy yet useful and we got lots of flowers to enjoy without much effort.

Assignment Two: Gift Baskets. I'll admit it I thought this one was a little random but it was simple and fun!

Assignment Three: Flowers to Wear, 5 different types of boutonnieres. For extra credit we could take a picture of people wearing our flower creations. It had to be in a public place so I took mine to church and gave them to some lucky fellas.

Assignment Four: Autumn Cubes. This was one of my favorites, we did it in October, on my birthday to be exact, so it was so festive and it lasted f o r e v e r!

Extra Credit: A Centerpiece For Our Thanksgiving table. This was an awesome way to score ten extra points, I just picked up some flowers from the grocery store and let my creative juices flow.

Assignment Five: Wedding Bouquets. I loved the colors of flowers I was given, this was surprisingly hard, I definitely need some practice in this area ...

Assignment Six: Christmas Candle Centerpieces. I think this was my favorite assignment, it was so different from what we had done all year and it turned out a lot prettier then I had anticipated. It filled my little apartment with the smell of Christmas pine and it lasted all the way till Christmas!

On the last day of lecture our teacher gave everyone a beautiful rose as a thank you for taking her class.

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  1. Pretty! what fun, although the teacher was kind of silly I loved learning from her through you (and those few classes that I sat in on during the wheel chair days). I loved your thanksgiving centerpiece, it was so perfect! Your so talented Kitch.