Sunday, December 27, 2009

S N O W much fun!

We Utahns love our "Greatest Snow on Earth." We were so excited to share our excitement with the Burtons who currently live in Arizona and don't get any snow. The little boys played in the snow for two hours the instant they arrived in Utah. Andrew made this adorable snowman, it wasn't the good packing type of snow so he couldn't make a big one, but I think I like this little guy better.

The next day we got all bundled up and headed over to the Bonneville Golf Course to go sledding! It was quite the adventure, the snow had iced over so we were like little bullets shooting down the hill. But oh my goodness it was fun! The little boys loved it, including will who L O V E D the silly hat we found for him to wear.

Then the day after that, The Madisons, Karin and I took Andrew and John up to Brighton for their annual ski lesson. It was a perfect day for skiing/ snowboarding! It was snowing so we had a fresh layer of soft snow on every run! With some coaching from Beth and Reece and Kar, the little boys picked up skiing pretty fast so we didn't spend too much time on the bunny hill. We spent most of the day going on the Milicent lift. When the boys were all tuckered out, us snowboarders got to go on a couple of fast runs from the big lifts. On our way home we made the traditional stop at 7 11 and got the yummiest hot chocolate flavored with numerous creamers.

Speaking of snow and snowboarding ... I thought I would throw in a couple of pictures from an event at Revolution Snowboards in Orem. It had a pretty sweet set up with rails and boxes for competitors to strut their stuff with a stage for bands to preform right next to it. It was a pretty fun atmosphere and we got so much SWAG, honestly who doesn't like swag? The only thing was that it was F R E E Z I N G, my poor little fingers were icicles by the time we left. But it was definitely a good time, I must say I love watching gutsy snowboarders show us how its done.

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  1. Love it. We had some real good times these last few weeks. Snow pictures are so cute! I love when all our family is together. Your pics from the boarding event are cool, Im glad you stopped by. Im going to be doing a ton of blogging in the next few days as well so stop by often.