Saturday, December 26, 2009

One Good Lookin Family

Here are the finished products of the family photo shoot in Park City that I mentioned in a previous post when I posted the candids that I took while my sister was busy taking the real professional family photos. They made for an adorable Christmas card! Bethy and Reece had taken a trip to Arizona and had taken family pictures of Karin and her cute family in the same colors in a luscious green field near where the Gilbert temple is going to be built. We put their picture along with ours, it shows the contrast of November in Utah and Arizona nicely.

We also like to take some pictures of smaller groupings of individual families and couples and children, Bethy got some really good ones of everyone!

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  1. We really do have a good looking fam. That shoot was crazy..."Game on" "Game off" and did you notice the girls mouths were black from all the different flavors of gum drops they had received as bribes. Ah Im still in love with all the color.