Monday, December 28, 2009

Tis the Season

This year I was determined to get into the Christmas spirit since finals usually steals that joy away from me. I began by decorating my parent's Christmas tree with my sweet nieces, my mom intentionally dressed them in these adorable little red onesies because she thought it made them look like elves. Children definitely make you feel the Christmas spirit with their sweet new excitement about old family traditions.

Baking always helps me get into the holiday spirit, no matter what holiday it is. I made a couple of batches of Christmas cookies with these new cookie cutters I got from William Sanoma. They are Christmas message cookie cutters, they are so neat! You can write any message you want right on your cookie! I also had tons of fun decorating them as I watched Christmas movies or listened to my favorite Christmas tunes!

I decided to read the original Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens this year to help with my Christmas spirit finding. I loved it! It had some really funny parts in it, I was surprised at how closely the Muppet Christmas Carol followed the script, as well as the new creepy Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey, that one followed the book almost exactly, which was neat but kinda scary. I also burned pine and berry scented candles in my room to help make it feel like Christmas even when studying for finals. I love the unique, comforting glow candles give along with their enveloping scent.

When the grand kids came up for their Christmas vacation, Christmas snacks and crafts became an everyday necessity. Karin busted this cute tortilla snowflake snack out one afternoon and I thought it was adorable! Of course Karin has little tricks like this up her sleeve, the kids thought it was awesome, and delicious.

My favorite Christmas activity that I did this year was the 5 K Santa Run in downtown Provo. 250 Santas gathered together to run this fun and festive holiday race, this was the first year they had it in Provo. When you signed up they gave you a Santa shirt, hat and beard which created a fun crowd of identical Santas. They had cookie and milk and candy cane stops along the race route, they also had water for those serious athletes. When all of us runners had been called into order to begin the race they had us do some "santa stretches" to make sure we were all loose and ready to run. We first did a couple of rounds of hat, beard, belly, shoes, santa's version of head shoulders knees and toes, and we did Ho Ho Ho jumping jacks to get our heart rates up. Then it was time to run! I have never seen a jollier bunch of runners, everyone was so happy which spread Christmas Cheer! My dad and I were in the picture that they chose to put in the newspaper! And we all know once you are in the Deseret News you are basically a celebrity.

After the race we stuck around to watch Provo's Christmas parade, it was cute. Even though the Grinch agreed to be in the parade didn't mean that he agreed to be nice, he made faces at everyone and would turn his back on you if you tried to take a picture of him! After the parade we needed to warm up and we decided there was no better way to warm up then over all you can eat french toast from Kneaders. We figured we had earned it after running three miles ...

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