Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aunt Sue's Bread Day

I love bread day! It is one of the traditions where it dosen't feel like Christmas unless it happens. Aunt Sue makes sweet roll and Greek bread dough all day so when all the cousins come we have a loaf of each to shape. This year we made our Greek bread into a teddy bear and a Santa Clause face and we made our sweet rolls into a Christmas tree and a candy cane braid. The little boys really got into making the bread this year, especially Will, he was a diligent little helper, he loved doing the sweet rolls. They also loved sneakily eating the dough ... well at least they thought they were being sneaky.

After the bread is all shaped and placed in the freezer, all ready to be baked and eaten on Christmas morning, we have our family pool party. Aunt Sue has the coolest pool house ever and she decorated it so cute for Christmas this year. For dinner this year we had a soup buffet with yummy salads and sides with peppermint brownies and ice cream for dessert, this is an awesome family tradition that I always look forward to.

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  1. Cute post! thanks for taking so many pictures that night, I was completely naked. People have nightmares about being in public without clothes... I have have those dreams when Im caught without a camera. I thought our bread turned out great!