Wednesday, December 30, 2009

S C 8 The Tradition Continues

Every year at Christmas time, when everyone is home for the holidays, my friends from high school have a reunion dinner at Chelsie's house, it is always so fun to see everyone and hear all the exciting things they have done over the past year.

We had a delicious dinner of a green salad, chicken cordon bleu with potatoes and sparkling apple juice.

Chelsie is the absolute best hostess, she treats her guest like queens! She served us some mint starlight ice cream for a refreshing dessert. Our after dinner entertainment was charades, one of our favorite games we used to play during high school when we would hang out at Chelsie's. We always write down our own things to act out, things like movies, celebrities, famous people from history and sometimes we add in people we know, like some of our favorite and most memorable teachers from Jr. high and high school.

Micheal Jackson moon walking and E.T. - I just had to include it even though it is so blurry, it was one of the best ones of the night

King Kong and Aladdin

Pep Club

I don't quite remember who she was acting out but it was some amazing person. Allison was also the lucky winner of our candy counting game, she was one away from guessing it exactly right, I'm a lil jealous I never ever win those kind of games.

::Our family portrait 2009::


  1. Love it! You are just blogging up a storm, aren't you? I will post mine asap! So glad I could see you this week, love you!

  2. Kate...I just wanted to tell you that I love your life and I miss you!!! Your pictures are great!! :) Love ya!!