Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Lights!!

As soon as finals were over it was time to get serious about Christmas. As a means to celebrate Nicky took me on a Christmas Cruise on the Provo river! It was so awesome! its a family owned business that has been lighting up the Provo river for ten years! The lights were amazing and we even got a visit from Santa Clause himself! He was canoeing down the river looking for his reindeer that had run away! He gave us his hat that was full of a sweet surprise for everyone before he continued on his way. After our little cruise we had time to enjoy the lights and decorations that lighted the path down to the river from their cute Christmas house.

After our crazy river adventure we drove to Orem to look at the most awesomely decorated house of all time. My roommates and I discovered this house behind Wal Mart our freshman year when we lived at Parkway Crossing, and every year I have been back to enjoy its intense Christmas lights, you can see it glowing from the freeway! Im pretty sure they add more and more lights each year.

Our bright adventures didn't end there! Over the weekend we meet some of Nicky's mission buddies at the Hoogle Zoo for their Christmas light event. I love Zoo Lights! They have decorated the zoo with over a million lights and some of the animals are still out for us to see! Most of the cats in the Asian Highlands exhibit were out, they were sleeping, but still visible, all the tiger teenagers were huddled in a big sleeping pile. The small animal and reptile building was also still open and we saw the most adorable small cats! I'm not sure if they are kittens or if they are just really small lil guys, I secretly hope they are just miniature cats because that would be adorable, I honestly wanted to steal them and take them home.

I would hate to be on display while I was sleeping, how embarrassing

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  1. HELLO?! why have I not heard about this christmas lights cruise before? next year I most definitely will be a passenger. Love the christmas house, I also want you to take me on a drive by passed that place next season. You do fun things.