Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I had a nice and relaxing birthday this year. The emporium was nice and didn't schedule me that day so I got to sleep in and late as I wanted which felt so nice! When I finally did wake up I found some happy birthday surprises!! I love surprises!! Becky had decorated my door with cute signs and candy! I was surprised I didn't hear anything when she was decorating it! Then I noticed a beautiful arrangement of the most fragrant white lilies in our vanity from Lisa! What amazing roommates! I wasn't expecting anything at all and they went above and beyond, they are just the best I love them to pieces.

Then I made pumpkin spice pancakes from a mix that I had gotten in Sleepy Hallow which we visited on our New York trip. They were really tastey! I love baking and cooking and making things so it was a perfect way to start my special day. Notice my awesome birthday girl pin. Nick gave that to me along with a huge pack of diet dr. pepper, my favorite.

During the day since everyone was either at school or at work I went and got a manicure and pedicure and went shopping and enjoyed my day to the fullest. That night the roomies took me out to dinner at a Chicago pizza restaurant in Salt Lake, none of us had tried it before so it was a fun adventure!

The next day at work the I got my cute present from the Emporium, for every empolyee's birthday they make us a little flower arrangement with a gift card to the store and a card signed by everyone that works there. It's small and sweet and still makes you feel like a million bucks when you get it.

Then that Sunday dad and I had our combined birthday dinner with the traditional Backer's cake complete with the famous huge frosting flowers. Those cakes are the absolute best, and they are totally tradition. I love traditions, they make like so much fun.

Bethy made this amazing pillow for me to match my room that she helped me redo this summer. She crocheted the top with the cutest popcorn stitch then she sewed it to a neat silk backing. It looks like it came straight from anthropology. She is so talented!

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