Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random Acts of Spring

Here are a bunch of pictures from random fun things that I did in the spring time. The first set of pictures are from a rugby game I went to at the Rio Tinto stadium, I had just discovered the Hipstamatic application on the iphone so I took a lot of pictures with that becuase they look totally awesome. I went with Matty B and we found Benn and Laura there which was a happy surprise then we all went to In-N-Out after the game.

Later I returned to the Rio Tinto Stadium this time for a Real Salt Lake soccer game, I always love going to those games they are a total blast, soccer fans are a fun bunch of people this particular game was against the LA Galaxy. I have a favorite section of fans which are the hard core soccer fans that have their banners and drums going all game long and have smoke bombs for goals and plenty of streamers and chants to last the entire game, they are the definition of good fans. Afterward David Cook put on a free concert down on the field. I am not a big fan of David Cook but we figured what the heck and went for a couple of songs it was a fun little bonus

This is a picture from Tally Barth's wedding, it's always fun to see my lovely ladies from highs school, it's a pretty rare occasion to have the majority of us together so we figured we better document it.

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