Monday, January 10, 2011

Return to Moab

Dad was determined to see the Delicate Arch this year so we planned a trip in September to make his dream come true! As soon as we got there dad was anxious to get on the bikes and explore some trail, and so that is exactly what we did! It was a nice easily little trail to break us in for the weekend to come. It had some impressive views of the amazing and huge red rock walls.

That night we had the most fantastic dinner at the Moab Springs Ranch. It had the most delightful atmosphere, we sat out on the pattio surrounded my twinkle lights and enjoyed the warm Moab evening. I know I included a lot of food pictures but their presentation on every dish was just superb.

The next day dad, the Madison's and I went on a more intense bike ride up at Dead Horse Point. It was the first real mountain biking trail that I have ever done, and boy it was hard, but fun!

That night after dinner at the Moab Pub dad and I went into Arches National Park for a leisurely little hike called Park Avenue. It is such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by huge walls of the most beautiful red rocks.

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