Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summer Stay At Home Vacation

Whenever the Burtons come to visit it is like a stay at home vacation for the rest of us, we basically live like we are vacation, we go out to eat all the time and everyday is filled to capacity with fun filled adventures. This past summer they came to visit in August for the Homestead reunion up in Heber. They came a bit early so they would have more time to do things with the family. Here are some pictures of only a few things that we did while they were here. One day we all met at Thanksgiving Point for dinner then went to their family night activity that they have every Monday out at their gardens. This week theme was pirates so we had a really good time playing pirate games and making the best looking pirates hats Davey Jones has ever seen! The whole family had a fun time running around in the beautiful open spaces and enjoying the gorgeous flowers that Thanksgiving Point is famous for. (All the pictures in this post were taken by my sister Bethy)

Bethy told us to do a pirate face so I did, I was saying RRRRR matey, my dad just continued to smile. Bethy made my hat for me, it features the horrid black spot from one of our favorite movies, Muppet Treasure Island, and says Jimmy Jim Jim along the base. That movie is classic.

The next day, the adventures in the family went on the most gorgeous hike up Mount Aire. We were hoping to see the amazing wild flowers that this trail is famous for, but it we were a couple weeks too late for that but the entire is trail is extremely lush and busting with greenery. I felt like Alice in wonderland surrounded by all of it, it went over my head and everything.

Our victory shot at the top

Our silly shot

Our "don't mess" shot

Another day we again met at the wonderful Thanksgiving Point for dinner then went to see Toy Story 3, it was a cute movie and all the little kids loved it. Then my wonderful and sweet, as well as sweet toothed, daddy took everyone out for ice cream at the ice cream shoppe at Thanksgiving Point

Mom's overflowing yummy milkshake

Then we spent along time out on the plaza letting the kids run around and play games while the gown ups sat around and caught up all the while enjoying the wonderful summer evening.


  1. I agree its total play time when the Burtons come to town..... and we play hard. Sam in the last picture is so small! and I look confused while holding him, hmmmm. Oh and I love the picture of all four of us sisters. I LOVE SISTER TIME.

  2. We love coming to Utah! It is my boys' favorite place. We make great memories. We're lucky to have such a great family and we're grateful for all the time everyone takes to spend time with us when we come.