Monday, January 10, 2011

Return to Moab Continued

The next day we got breakfast at the Electrick cafe, a great little place we discovered when my parents had to drive down to Moab and rescue me and my friends after my car key floated down the Colorado River in the summer. Afterward we went back into Arches to hike The Devil's Garden to see lots of arches! It was an awesome hike, we ended at double arch was was pretty impressive and very different from any of the other arches that we had seen.

The hike took us most of the day, when we were driving out of the park to meet up with mom for dinner we stopped to take pictures at balance rock. One day that rock will fall off and these pictures will be priceless!

Then tonight was the big night, after another fun dinner at the pub we went to hike Delicate Arch!! We booked it up the trail to make it to the arch in time for sunset and boy was it worth it, the setting sun made the arch glow the brightest orange, it was gorgeous! Then we stayed to experiment with taking night shots and star trails. That was an amazing experience! Everyone left right after the sunset so we had the arch all to ourselves for a couple of hours which was amazingly peaceful. Hiking down in the dark was quite the adventure, good things there are lots of cairns to mark the trail!

The next morning we had our farewell breakfast at the Jailhouse Cafe, one of the most popular breakfast places in Moab. I got the ginger pancakes served with apple butter that were absolutely to die for! oh my goodness absolute heaven! Then we parted ways, the Madison's are staying an extra day and me and the parents are driving home tonight. Before beginning the drive home we drove through Canyonlands National Park and stopped at every look out point to see the views

For our lunch break we pulled off at Green River, which happens to be famous for their wonderful melons so after lunch we picked out some melons to enjoy at our next Sunday dinner gathering.

When we got into the Spanish Fork canyon the setting sun was glowing the most intense color of red that lit up the smokey sky, apparently there had been a fire in the valley earlier that day which enhanced the colors of the sun set.

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