Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Culturally Obese

The Culturally Obese was a lunch group that consisted of me and three of my friends that would try new and fun restaurants every Saturday. The event that got the group going was Aaron's dance show at BYU. The rest of us met up before for dinner at Pizzeria 712 then went to his concert which was fabulous. We had so much fun that we decided to make it a weekly tradition. We would try and go to unique places and we also tried to introduce each other to good places so everywhere we went it was at least one person's first time there, that made it really fun!

The next week I introduced most of them to my favorite Indian place, India Palace on Center Street in Provo, I think I had been there with Lisa before but the other three hadn't tried it out yet. The food is sooo good I definitely could live off their naan!

The week after that Becky took us to Yamato, her favorite sushi place. I had been there before but Becky was definitely a regular so she showed us the ropes, I got the caterpillar roll and it was the coolest presentation of sushi that I have ever seen.

The following week we tried out Thia Ruby which is definitely a hidden gem, pun intended. It is a fun atmosphere with fun decorations and the food was delicious! I especially liked the sweet and sour stir fry.

The Saturday after that we took a short trip to Italy and ate at La Dolce Vita. I know everyone expects me to absolutely love all Italian food because of my study abroad experience but the truth is ... it's not my favorite, but it was still a fun place to go, the atmosphere is great.

We took a big break during the last of the semester because everyone got super busy with school work and such but we reunited after school was over and took Leah to Sammy's to celebrate her birthday, she had always wanted to go but never had. It's a fun social place. The weather was barely warm enough to sit outside so we took advantage of that fact, its always such an exciting thing when it starts to warm up again in the spring time.

The next week I finally talked everyone in to going to Smash Burger because it was new and I really wanted to try it. Everyone was a little hesitant becuase burger places can go either way, either super good or totally disgusting and we didn't know anything about this place. Afterward we finally ate there, Aaron became officially addicted and never wanted to go anywhere new so we ended up going there like three weeks in a row. Aaron sadly had to move back to California and thus was the beginning of the end of our little lunch outings, we of course went to Smash Burger for his farewell meal.

For Becky's birthday in July we got the group together again and went to The Chocolate to get delicious desserts to celebrate her big day, I officially fell in love with that place, it is the cutest place I have ever eaten desserts and their sweets and drinks are divine!


  1. Oh I love this post more than anything!! I miss the culturally obese. :( And the post after it makes me miss summer SO BAD. This winter stuff is the WORST.

  2. Love your clubs name, amazing. P.S. we need to start our lunches up again, sisterly obese ;)