Thursday, January 13, 2011

Simply Having A Wonderful Christms Time

Our family always has a wonderful time around the Christmas holidays! Here are just a few pictures from some of the things we did to enjoy the Christmas season. The Wednesday before Christmas we decorated gingerbread houses, such a fun tradition! The kids always have a fun time and the grown ups always really get into making the houses look great. We dressed baby Sam up as Santa Clause so he could join in the festivities as well, he was so adorable!!!

This is Evie's idea of decorating gingerbread houses, just eat all the candy, why bother sticking it to a house.

The Griffin's lovely finished masterpiece. Jenny had ordered a gluten free gingerbread house off the internest and it came with all this cool stuff to decorate with.

Here are my pictures of baby Santa Sam, it was too hard to choose just one or two, they were all soooo cute. (The ones up above are from Bethy)

My gingerbread cottage, Jenny was nice and shared all the cool plastic things that came in their gluten free kit, the little deer were my favorite, aren't they just the cutest! They definitely add to the over all effect of the cottage.

Bethy of course went above and beyond like she always does, I didn't get a picture of the finished product but her roof was outstanding, she is so creative.

On Christmas Eve I got to work at the Emporium which was fine cause all of my sisters were at their in laws so I figured why not, its a fun festive place and I got to eat all the free cookies and wassail I wanted. But I did get an awesome surprise visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause. They had taken time out of their busiest day to come visit me at work and give me some homemade Christmas cupcakes! All the little kids in the store were absolutely enchanted by Santa Clause reece and orbited him while he shopped around. A couple of little kids even brought things they had picked out in the store and asked him to leave it under their tree that night. Haha it was awesome Reece always made sure the parents were listening when he told them of course he would leave it under the tree for them. It was great I have the best family in the world.

When I got home from work mom made fondue for our special Christmas Eve dinner, it was delicious! Then we crocheted and watched fun old Christmas movies such as White Christmas and The Bishop's Wife. We took a little intermission and went down to our ward building for a special Christmas concert that our ward put on it was only an hour long and had beautiful Christmas music by various members of our ward.

Of course the next day was Christmas!! Yay!! The parents and I had a very relaxing moring, we slept in and continued our old Christmas movie marathon by watching its a Wonderful Life, I had never seen it before. Then we got busy cooking a big Christmas dinner. I made the chicken alouette (pictured below.) Then everyone came over to our house for Christmas dinner and to exchange gifts! Mom had done a wonderful job decorating the dining room for tonight, her tables are always so magical!

As soon as dinner was over the kids were anxious to open presents! I will admit I was a little excited as well. Bethy had found this awesome wrapping paper that was all glittery and fit in perfectly with her peacock themed Christmas tree she set up at her house. Will was espcially excited about opening presents, he helped everyone open all of their presents and the best part was that he always had the most excited reaction no matter what it was. Mom got a lot of necklaces and every time he would be like "Oh just a beautiful necklace!!!" and every time he helped me open a book he would be like "oooooh look how cool!" he definitely wins at the reaction game.

Bethy had the awesome idea to make all of the giftcards she gave to people into snow globes, here is dad admiring his.

I loved Will's signature on mom's card ...

Andrew spent many secret hours in the craft room making this sweet nativity to give to Karin and Ricky, they had no idea he was making it, it turned out so well and they were so surprised!

I got the cutest set of books, a cute hat and the coolest cake stand every. It was a very merry Christmas season.

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