Thursday, January 13, 2011

Culture Club's Christmas Craft Exchange

Our culture club meets once a month and does an activity that teaches us something new and exciting. Culture clubs we have had in the past include mythology night, a valentines party where we learned all about St. Valentine as well as the Chinese New Year, we have had chocolate and cheese nights where we learn all about the history and uses of those food as well as the endless varieties and which ones are best for what. It is the most excellent club I absolutely love it, Bethy started it about two years ago and it has just grown every since it is just the best. Our December meeting is always a craft night where every girl brings a craft to share with everyone else so you walk away from the evening with numerous new skills and wonderful gift ideas! You have all heard me say it a million times but I love crafting, I think it is so stimulating and being creative is so good for your mind. I watched a segment on the news about things that were good for the brain and that would help keep it active and thus improving memory, some of the things were reading, learning something new, and being creative thus craft night is the perfect activity for our culture club! It is always one of my favorite meetings of the year.

Bethy hosted it and as usual did the most amazing job. She created the most delicious buffet, my favorite was the baked brie, oh my goodness it was melty, ooey, gooey goodness! The crafts that we did this year were learning how to crochet scarves, making earrings, making cute garlands out of patterned paper and making pie in a jar for neighborhood gifts. We had a wonderful evening creating, laughing, eating, and making memories. (all the pictures in this post are from Bethy)

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