Thursday, January 6, 2011

Extreme Room Makeover

This past August I moved into a cute little red brick house with my friends Lisa, Becky and Leah. We were super excited about everything in the house except for the bedrooms, they were pretty disgusting to be honest. When my dad first saw them when he helped me move in some of my things he asked me numerous times why I was moving there, but I had a vision for what it could be! The next two pictures are what it looked like before we moved in, the pictures make it look ten times better then what it was in real life. The wall color was super random and all the walls were covered in grime, it seriously looked like someone had rubbed dirt all over them. Every piece of furniture was falling apart and the bottom desk drawer was broken and had cardboard covering the base and was covered in cat hair as were all the baseboards behind the desk ... suspicious? I think so. Nothing at all matched and random unwanted decorations had been left behind.

Bethy was super excited to help me with my new, exciting project. We instantly got to work thinking about color schemes and crafts to turn that creepy little room around. I had found some sheets that I had fallen in love with at Pottery Barn that were a Victorian floral pattern and they were on sale so I snatched them right up and that is where we pulled our color scheme from. We got busy painting the walls the most pleasing color of gray, that alone made the room look a million times better, it was like a breath of fresh air. Next we assembled all the clean, new wonderful pieces of furniture I had got from Ikea and moved all the outdated, nasty, broken furniture out to the shed in the back of the house. Reece was the best and put in the chandelier I had gotten at Lowes which is the highlight of the room! The florescent light that was in there before made me feel like I was staying in a hospital room or an abandoned elementary school classroom. At the end of the day, we quickly staged the room and got all the furniture in its place, it's amazing everything we got done in one day!! The Madison's helped sooo much it would have taken me forever if I had to do it by myself!

The next day I got a nice, comfy reading chair and then spent the next week or so crafting to make cute things to dress up the walls a little bit. I assembled and painted frames, sewed drapes and modge podged pictures of nautilus shells and coral to blank canvases and painted the sides. Crafting is so rewarding! For the biggest frame I got a piece of cute fabric, modge podged it to make it a sturdier surface then traced a silhouette of a tree we printed off the internet then painted the tree blue. I filled in the rest of the wall space with the butterflies I got in Charleston and faux Audoban bird prints I had got from the Emporium.

Here are a few pictures of the upstairs of the house, my room is in the basement. We have the cutest little breakfast room that is always filled with light. Our living room is nice and cozy and has hardwood floors and a charming little fireplace with a mantle that will be perfect for seasonal decorations.


  1. wow that is awesome your really good at that!

  2. Your room totally turned out amazing. It was fun to work together and be creative together. We gotta get your dear head done and hung, that thing is professional. Oooo and lets see if we can get any more butterflies down in Louisiana.... IM SO EXCITED FOR THE SOUTH AGAIN THIS SUMMER.

  3. What a cute place! I'm so impressed with all you did. Your room is beautiful! It is so fun to see pictures after hearing about all your work. You and Beth are so creative.