Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Magical Gingerbread Forest and Fanciful Windows

After our wonderful annual breakfast at the Grand America with the Johns family cousins, our family wandered into the magical gingerbread forest that is set up all over the main floor of the hotel and saw the fantastic gingerbread creations that had come from all over the valley. Can you guess what the building pictured above is ...? It's the Grand America of course! How awesome is that!

I was picking up tips for when we do gingerbread houses next year, I thought gum was the perfect idea for a roof! My roof always struggles when I decorate gingerbread houses. Also a lot of the houses had trees made out of green star cookies, uhm can you say brilliant?!

I thought these people/ snowmen ( I didn't really know what they were ...) were hilarious, the cowboy hats are amazing.

On the other half of the main floor they had fanciful windows created by the same person that used to do the Christmas candy windows at ZCMI downtown. Those windows were by far one of the coolest things I have seen in all my life, a little part of me died when ZCMI went out of business and the windows were no more. These windows weren't quite as elaborate or made entirely out of candy but they were still creative and fun to see. The theme was the alphabet and each window featured 1-4 letters and displayed things that started with those letters. You could pick up a card at the front desk and write down what all letters stood for and when you were all done you could go to their enchanting candy store and get a prize! You better believe we found all 26 letters!

This picture of Evie was taken by Bethy, I think it is absolutely adorable!

The prize was a sugar cookie and a cool postcard!

Every single detail of the candy store was just amazing, I wanted everything inside that store! Think of the parties you could throw with those things!

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