Friday, August 22, 2014

A Night to Remember at the Pallavicini Palace

Tonight was the night that we had all
been anticipating from the moment we boarded the ship.
Tonight was one of the highlights of the entire trip
and we could all tell our tour directors could not wait 
to share this magical experience with us!

We got to have a private dinner party,
 at the Pallavicini Palace!!
This was definitely a life experience
 I will remember for years and years.

When we arrived at the palace we were greeted 
and led upstairs to the the stunning state rooms, where
we would be spending our fairytale evening.

We had a welcome reception in the first
state room.  We enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and drinks 
and took in our beautiful surroundings

Then we were escorted into the main dining hall 
and were shown to our seats 

While we dined we were
presented with a beautiful show 
of ballet and opera

Drew was ALWAYS photo bombing us.
Such a trouble maker that drew ;)

At the end of the evening Bethy and I were 
given roses from the centerpieces as 
momentos of our enchanting evening 
at the gorgeous Pallavicini Palace

Many thanks to Tauck tours 
for making such magical 
evenings possible

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  1. Wonderful pictures of that exquisite palace and the fabulous entertainment. Loved your little pitcher of Coke to refill your goblet. I love that you post such large pictures...they are