Monday, August 25, 2014

Biking to Melk

After our delightful morning in Durnstein 
we decided to bike to the next port while the 
rest of the boat sailed.  It was so. much. fun!
This was one of my favorite experiences from the trip!

The Wachau valley is known as the prettiest part
of the Danube, so it was a dream to be able 
to bike through it and take it all in.
The ride was about 25 miles long and it was all 
 through vineyards and small
towns.  It was gorgeous! We also 
had the perfect weather for biking, it was overcast
and cool but it never rained!

We made it to Melk!
Melk is a gorgeous little town
that is known for the beautiful 
abby that over looks over the town
from the hill top.

1 comment:

  1. What beautiful countryside! I am looking at the Melk etching and it is seen from the river looking up, rather like many of your pictures. I bet that was fun for Craig to try and find the right angle looking up as in the etching.