Thursday, August 7, 2014

Art Nouveau Tour in Budapest

This past July we took the most amazing river cruise adventure
that began in Budapest and ended in Amsterdam.
I was so excited to see what Budapest was all about, I 
had no idea what to expect!  After spending a few days 
there I might want to say that it is one of my favorite 
European cities!  It's absolutely gorgeous, there are so many
fun things to do and it's a young, hip city.

Our first day there was spent on a personalized Art Nouveau tour.
We visited many of the cities famous Art Nouveau buildings, seeing 
as that is one of my most favorite styles of art and architecture 
this was a such a fun experience.  Bethy even threw me an 
Art Nouveau themed birthday party one year.  Click here to see
pictures from that magical soiree. 

Here are a few examples of 
the beauty you can find in Budapest:

The Opera House

This gorgeous coffee shop was tucked away behind 
a book and souvenir store

This was the inside of the Szechenyi Baths
Bethy and I came back later in the evening
to actually take a dip in the famous baths, that 
adventure will be posted in another upcoming post ...

The Four Seasons Hotel
(no, we didn't stay here we just popped in
to admire it's beautiful lobby)

The Museum of Applied Arts
I found it fascinating that the outside is covered 
with so much pattern and bright colors and the inside 
is done all in white.  Both color schemes are gorgeous

After we toured the town we headed 
up to the Fisherman's Bastion, probably one of 
my favorite places in Budapest.  We also took
a tour of the stunning Matthias Church.
Pictures from that up next!


  1. wonderful! The picture of the coffee shop with the amazing ceiling was really caught well by the bulls eye lens that enabled you to see the whole scope of its wonderfulness!

  2. Okay...gorgeous picture overload! These are absolutely amazing shots! I love the colors, the lines, the architecture, your choice of lenses and I now want to go to Budapest sometime in my life. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Okay...gorgeous picture overload! I love the lines, the colors, the architecture and your choice of lens. These are amazing and now you've really made me want to see this beautiful city of Budapest. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amazing architecture! I love your pictures!