Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Great Market Hall

Our last day in Budapest was spent at the Great Market Hall.
This is one of the largest in door markets in Europe and has
absolutley anything you would like to buy to remember your time 
in Hungary.  The main floor is filled with stalls selling produce, spices,
candies and dried meats.  The second floor is filled with traditional
Hungarian handicrafts, and the basement is the local fish and meat market..
we did not visit the basement...  A visit to the market is worth it just to see
the beautiful building it is housed in.

We spent a good half day here, it was fun to see
all the different kinds of produce and spices on the main
floor and we had a great time looking through all the handicrafts
on the second floor and we each left with a few fun souvenirs,

Hungary is well known for it's 
paprika, so there were stalls and stalls 
selling cute containers of the famous spice

The painted eggs were the thing that I was looking forward
to seeing the most.  Our mom read us children's book
about these gorgeous eggs, so I feel like they are a part of my
childhood.  These real eggs were GORGEOUS and amazingly 
intricate.  As much as I wanted to get some, I was too nervous about
getting them back home.  So I got some wooden eggs 
that have more traditional painting on them.

Then it was time to bid adieu to this amazing 
city and set sail towards Slovakia.
We had the most amazing views of the parliament
building as we sailed passed.

Budapest was such an interesting 
and beautiful place to see, and there is still
so much that I would like to go and see there. 
I hope to make it back one day!  


  1. I am so sad to have missed this! Thank you for bringing me gifts home. Local markets are my favorite places to explore. Well, maybe next year! Glad to have a second chance. Your pictures are so rich and the fruit and vegetables, and the eggs are wonderful, such intricate designs. "Petrushka's Eggs" was a great book.

  2. I love the eggs, and the pretty red and white heart ornaments.