Friday, August 15, 2014

The MS Treasure

The next two weeks of our vacation were spent 
on the wonderful river boat, the MS Treasures.
I had no idea what a river boat would be like and I was 
pleasantly surprised, It was beautiful and so comfortable.  I liked 
cruising on a river boat more then a big ocean cruiser because it 
was so much smaller and we were so close to the water.  There were 90
guests on the boat with us and since the boat was rather small 
we all got to know each other and that was really fun. 

This is the room that Bethy and I shared

Another thing that I liked more about river cruising
vs. ocean cruising is the beautiful scenery that was constantly
right outside our window.  We were always passing through 
some picturesque little town or we were cruising pass the most gorgeous
forest areas.  A lot of the scenery reminded me of the
 Bayou in the south which I loved!

Everyday we spent half day on shore at the different ports
and the other half of the day was spent relaxing and enjoying the 
boat.  Bethy and I would make ourselves a nice cup of herbal tea and would
sometimes order snacks to eat in bed while we watched the world float
by, I loved every second of it.

I have to mention that the staff of the Treasures are amazing at dealing with 
food allergies!  I recently discovered that I have a pretty intense intolerance to 
gluten, so I needed to eat gluten free on this trip.  I spoke with the kitchen staff
the first morning on the boat and they took the most excellent care of me 
the entire trip.  I was brought special gluten free bread at every meal
and the chef would make gluten free versions of the specialty desserts when
it was possible.  I was amazed at the excellent care they took to accommodate me.

Every night there was some fun event happening in the lounge on board.
A couple of the nights were game nights.  On the first game night we played 
Den of Lies, which was basically a form of Balderdash.  Our team won after 
an intense tie breaker round.  Our prizes were adorable and super soft teddy bears!

On the second game night we played majority wins.  Our tour directors would send out a 
scenario such as the best pick up lines or what do women do better then men etc. all the 
teams would send in their answers and the answer that was submitted the most would 
earn all those teams a point.  But there was another way to earn points, we had to come up
with creative ways to present our answers to the judges and they would award points 
to the presentation they liked the most.  Thanks to the creative genius of our very own Bethy Madison, we won the game purely based on creative points.  Our prize for winning that game ... Kitten totes and boxes of chocolates!  We could not of asked for a more fitting prize.

They also had special themed lunches and 
ice cream socials a couple of the days!

One night they had a hilarious variety show put on 
by the staff of the boat.  They all did such a great job!
We made pretty good friends with some of the workers
on the boat and had a fun time with them that night.

One night we cruised passed this amazing amusement park,
it looked HUGE!  


  1. what a great post! You captured all the nuances of riverboat travel! Loved the pictures of clouds you took. What fun memories! You lived every minute to the max! You even relaxed to the max, with a message on board. Didn't miss any opportunity!

  2. That looks like an awesome boat. I'm glad they were so accommodating with the gluten-free things!