Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shonbrunn Palace

Our day in Vienna began at the enchanting Shonbrun Palace. Shonbrun means "beautiful spring," a very appropriate name as this was this was the summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs.  It is a 1,441 room palace, done in the exquisite rococo style.  It is absolutely gorgeous and is one of the most important cultural monuments in the country

We were battling against the wind to get a good 
selfie. In the end it was:
Us: 0

We weren't allowed to take photos 
during the tour of the interior rooms, 
so I pulled a few images from the internet 
so you all could see how amazing this place is

Shonbrun is also well known for the 
expansive gardens and grounds that surround the palace
I could have spent hours wandering around 
taking in all their beauty.  But we only 
had about 45 minutes so we had to make it quick

This is the conservatory that is located 
on the palace grounds.  We were hoping 
to make it inside but we ran out of time.

Shonbrunn also has the oldest zoo in the world
located on it's grounds.  It started as a menagerie of 13 animals 
back in the day of the Habsburg monarchs.  That is something I 
hope to be able to see when we return to Vienna next year with
my four oldest nephews and my oldest sister and her husband!!

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