Saturday, August 30, 2014


Regensburg was another one of my 
favorite ports!  It is a gorgeous little 
college town and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

There was the most adorable couple
taking their wedding pictures on 
the steps of the cathedral.  I loved their 
traditional outfits

We also happened upon
a fun, little farmers market!

Then it was time for lunch!
We had been looking forward to lunch
in Regensburg for a while because they 
have one of the oldest "fast food"
restaurants in the world and they are famous
for their Bavarian sausages and sauerkraut.
The historic Wurstkuche was founded 500 years ago
and they are still using the same recipes they were using
in the middle ages.  They are also famous for 
their irresistible sweet mustard, which was 
so amazing.  This may have been the best meal
we had on the entire trip.

After lunch we took a stroll
across the medieval stone bridge
that is one of the highlights of the town. 
We got some amazing views of the town

On the other side of the bridge
we found the most adorable shopping 
street filled with colorful shops 
and little coffee shops.
Regensburg you are too cute!

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  1. What a fun little town! You will always remember that meal! I feel that stopping to eat or drink and soak in the atmosphere of the town and the street you are on is one of the best parts of traveling.