Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blue Flower Fields Forever

This past June I had the wonderful experience of exploring a new Utah wonder with Bethy and Reece. We drove about 2 hours south of my house in Lehi to this itty bitty town that is right next to a gorgeous canyon.  This canyon is the home of endless, breath taking fields bursting with millions of blue wild flowers.  Beth and Reece wanted to take some photos to celebrate their ten year anniversary, they looked so beautiful!  Here is just a sample of some of the fun pictures we captured of our marvelous afternoon!

I wouldn't mind turning this into an annual tradition!  It would be fun for the tripod +1 to have another fun photoshoot next year, I would love to watch baby V frolick in those blooms.


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL. Everything about this post actually. Like everything.

  2. Yes yes yes! This must be a tradition! The thought of V frolicking in the blossoms makes my heart sing. I love all our adventures! Thank you for being down for anything and the best travel/photography buddy ever. We love you to pieces!