Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Prater

Not one second was ever wasted on this river cruise, we were busy from sun up to sundown!  Tonight after dinner on the ship, it was time to go to the Prater!  Ben had been looking forward to this event ever since we booked this trip a year ago.  I have to admit, I was pretty excited about it as well, I love a good amusement park.

First up was bumper cars with Joseph.  They got a Tauck Buck afterwards if they were able to hit him with their car.  Tauck Bucks were given out for various completed activities such as a scavenger hunt around the ship, filling out a map of Europe with the names of all the countries. completing the hedge maze at Shonbrunn palace, and other various activities.  On the last day of the cruise, there was a special shop set up in the lounge were all the kids could spend their Tauck Bucks and buy some cool souvenirs.

With Tauck Bucks in hand, we headed further into the Prater to try out some roller coasters.  The first one we rode you lay down like superman and go through all sorts of dips and dives and swirls and twirls, it was super fun!  I got a picture of Karin and Ricky heading up to the first huge drop! 

Next up was the modern Farris wheel.  We got such beautiful views of Vienna from up high right as the sun was setting, it was such a memorable experience!

We didn't ride this ride, but I just thought the facade was so magical I had to document it.

We bought one of these "I love Vienna" cookies to bring home to baby Vienne!

We walked by this archery booth and could not resist the temptation to pick up a bow and compete.  In the end, Ricky was the only one that hit a balloon and won a prize, a very itty bitty "I love Vienna" key chain.

Andrew really wanted to ride the swing ride, it's the tallest one in the world.  He kept asking who would go with him and we all kept avoiding the question because we were all too scared to go with him.  In the end I committed to going with him even though I was completely freaked out about it.  I was hyperventilating the entire time we were in line, and almost bailed as we sat in our swings waiting to be lifted up above the park.  It actually turned out to be a very relaxing experience.  We had wonderful views on the park, the breeze was nice and cool, and it was so quiet up there.  Andrew and I had such a great time, and when we went back to tell everyone about it they were a little sad they didn't go with us.  Looks like we will just have to go back so everyone can have that lovely experience.

Our next stop was the Boomerang!  I loved this ride, it shoots you along the track facing forward, then you repeat the entire ride going backward!

Me and dad attempted to ride the historical farris wheel while the Burtons checked out some other rides.  When we checked out the line we knew we wouldn't have enough time to ride it and get back to our ride on time, we got so close!  Yet, another reason to head back to Vienna....

When we got back to the ship we were dying of thirst, it didn't really cool down even after the sun went down!  The first thing Will and I did, was head to the bar to order our usual drinks, an American Shirley Temple on the rocks for me, and a Sprite straight up for Will.  Will and Ben spend 95% of their time on the boat, at the bar.  They know the bar tenders by name, and have consumed their weight in Sprite.  It's not everyday your hotel has a bar with bottomless free drinks!

That night we sailed off to Durnstein, and some cooler weather!

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  1. I can't believe you went on that ride! It looks so fun, though. :)