Thursday, August 13, 2015

Return to Budapest

This past July, my parents and I returned to one of my favorite European cities, Budapest!  This time we brought Karin, Ricky, Andrew, John, Ben, and Will with us, we couldn't wait to show them around our favorite city sites.  We spent the morning at the city park touring through the natural history museum which is housed in a miniature castle that is modeled after Dracula's castle.  I took most of my pictures of this beautiful park last year, I didn't want to take too many repeat pictures so click HERE to see my post and pictures from our visit last year.

I was loving Ben's professional photographers stance

After the museum we took some paddle boats out on the lake, the boys had a total blast. 

After paddling around in the hot, hot sun, we couldn't wait to get to the Szcheny Baths and cool off in one of the 30 different thermal pools.  We spent most of our time in the three outdoor pools.  I tried out one of the cold indoor pools, it felt amazing after being so hot in the sun at the city park.  Ricky, Andrew, Ben and Will made it a goal to test out every single pool, inside and out!  

After a long, fun filled day, we couldn't wait to get back to the hotel to have a lovely dinner out on the patio.  We all ordered different flavors of lemonade. my favorite was the elderflower flavor.

Jet lag + a full day of swimming = not being able to make it through dinner without a nap.  I wanted to lay down and join him.

Surprisingly, this was not the end of our day.  After dinner, we headed to St. Stephens for a special organ concert, had beautiful rose shaped gelato, and a ride on the farris wheel to see all the pretty city lights.  We know how to cram a day full of lots of fun! Stay tuned for the next post, which will have  pictures from all of those fun activities!

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