Thursday, August 27, 2015


Our last stop of the cruise was in the charming, little town of Passau, Germany.  It was unbelievably magical waking up to floating through a German fairytale town covered in mist.

It cleared up and was warm and sunny by the time we walked into town.  Our first stop was St. Stephen's Cathedral for a private organ concert!  

The organ in St. Stephen's cathedral is the largest in Europe!  So it was quite the experience getting to meet the organist and watching him play.

After the concert, we walked through the colorful town to the Cafe Konditorei Confiserie to learn all about marzipan and make our own sugary sculptures.

We had the head baker teach all how to mold the marzipan

After everyone had finished, all the kids gathered their creative masterpieces together for the prizes to be awarded!  Will won the most creative award, and Andrew won 2nd place!

While the kids were enjoying a free scope of ice cream from the bakery, mom and I chose a few of these truffles, and they were divine!  There were so many to choose from!

After the bakery we had a few hours of free time to explore the town.  I spied this dog across a courtyard and I needed to go play with it.  He was such a beautiful dog and was so so sweet!  But very hard to photograph he kept moving all over the place so most of my pictures ended up blurry.

On the loooooooong walk back to the boat, I was telling Will and Ben about the way dad used to keep us in line by guiding us around by our necks haha.  So, they got to experience it first hand.  At first they hated it, but by the end they kept asking grandpa to guide them around because they thought it was funny.  Such good family memories.

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