Saturday, August 15, 2015

Slovakian Medieval Games

This morning we woke up in the beautiful city of Bratislava!  We began the day by heading to an old, ruined castle to participate in some medieval games.  I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived and were greeted by a party of elaborately dressed royalty and pages.

After our formal greeting, we were lead up to the hill to the grounds all set up for our medieval games.  We began by having a fascinating demonstration of three different kinds of sword fighting and a gun firing demonstration.

Then it was time for the games to begin!  There were four different stations that our different groups rotated between.  We began at this "jousting" station, Will, Ben and John all took a turn trying to knock the knight off his post.

Next, we learned about how to assemble armor.  Only adults were allowed to participate in this game because of it's difficulty, so Ricky, Dad and a fellow traveler tried their hardest to remove the armor from one mannequin and reassemble it on another.  They got about 80% correct, not too shabby. 

Then we cut apples with swords

And lastly, we learned all about shooting crossbows.  This was the station I was most excited for, I love shooting crossbows and bows and arrows.  Andrew rocked this station and got the highest score!

After all the games, they tallied up the scores and awarded the winners with special prizes.

Before heading back to the boat to freshen up (it was over 100 degrees today!!) we walked up to the castle ruins to get a gorgeous view of the city.  It was a very memorable morning!

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  1. Your post makes that day seems so fantastic! It was fun for me to see the details of each of the games. They only do it one day a month and we were lucky to hit that day! The pictures don't show the heat, and it looks much more fun!You guys were troopers to do every last thing undaunted by the sun brightly shinning on your armor.