Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vienne Marie

My newest best friend was born on June 27, 2015.  Her overjoyed parents named her Vienne Marie, after one of their favorite European cities, where they have many happy memories.  Baby V was so sweet and came a few days before her due date, so that Grammy, Grandpop and I, could meet her before we left to Europe for a month.  She is a gorgeous little girl, and is the sweetest baby.  I can't wait for all the fun adventures and memories we will have together.  Welcome to the world Vienne, we are all thrilled you are here.

Photo: Summer Nicole Photography.  Our extremely talented friend, Summer Bruford, photographed the Madison's birth story.  Bethy has shared some of the photos from that memorable day with me, and I absolutely love them.  Summer captured the sweet and tender first moments of becoming parents in the most beautiful way.  I want to cry happy, joyful tears every time I look at them.

I got to hold baby V minutes before I left for the airport to fly to Budapest.  She was so snuggly I didn't want to say goodbye!  Luckily, I had a good international texting plan and would request lots of photos of V every single day.  Bethy sent some amazingly adorable photos of their first month as a family of three.  I have included an assortment of those adorable photos.

This sweet babe has been smiling heart melting smiles since week 2.  

Big brother Dubie is pretty adorable when he gives V some attention.  I hear most of the time he is trying to get attention from Beth, so he will be near V, either way I think it's adorable.

Her bonnets are seriously too cute to handle.  Vienne is one stylish little beeb.

 V is a natural at selfies

I am beyond thrilled for Beth and Reece and Baby Vienne.  They are such an amazing family and I am so grateful they are a part of my family.  I love you V!


  1. Awww! Baby smiles! Kitty cuddles! Bitty bonnets! So cute. Love that Madison fam!

  2. She is soon dang cute. So happy for those two!

  3. They are the cutest family and you are the cutest Auntie! :)