Thursday, August 20, 2015

Waltzing at the Pallavicini Palace

Our first night in Vienna was spent dining at the gorgeous Pallavicini Palace.  I could not wait to share this experience with the Burton's, we had dinner here last year and it is unbelievably magical.  I loved seeing all the boys dressed up, they are all so handsome!

Ben had become quite the photographer by now.  It makes me proud to see him taking pictures of his food, I have taught him well.

We had amazing entertainment in between courses.  We had professional ballet dancers perform dance numbers to beautiful live music.

We also were serenaded by a couple of opera performers.

Then it came time to teach some of the young travelers how to waltz!  I wasn't young enough to be picked *sad sigh*,  but Andrew got picked!  His assigned partner was adorable, it was so fun to watch them slowly dance around the dance floor.  Not to shabby for a first dance, way to go Andrew!

Ben hid under the table so he wouldn't be picked to dance, he resurfaced with a big smile when Andrew was asked to go up...


This is Joseph, he was one of our three tour directors.  Confession: I totally had a crush on him, and his Italian accent 

We had such a wonderful evening dining and dancing the night away! Lucky us had another day in Vienna, so we headed back to the ship to get a good nights rest in order to be ready for another day of excitement and adventure.


  1. Wow! I love that fish eye lens! It really captures the grandeur of that Baroque Palace! Thank you for preserving a happy memory! It was fabulous. You looked beautiful in that flowered dress!

  2. Such a memorable night! Now I have fulfilled my childhood dream of dressing up and going to a palace:) You got such great pictures of everyone! Your dress was gorgeous.