Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Town of Bratislava

After a little time on the boat to freshen up after our intense medieval games, we headed out into the town to do some exploring.  Karin and Ricky's nephew, Chris, is serving his mission in Slovakia and happened to be in Bratislava while we were there!  So, they were lucky enough to be able to meet up and spend the day with him!  Chris had a whole plan for their day, so they set off to have the deluxe city tour and dad and I set off to explore on our own.

We heard that it's a must to take a picture with this statue when visiting Bratislava, so here are our obligatory statue pictures.

After dinner on the boat, we had a very special presentation of traditional Slovakian music and dancing.

After our fun evening, we pushed away from shore and sailed on to Vienna!

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  1. Loved that Slavic dancing and music! What an enchanting hidden world, lost for years behind the Iron Curtain! Now emerging with its culture, heritage, and vitality intact. You captured the charm of the little winding streets and the Baroque buildings.