Sunday, August 23, 2015


Our next stop was Durnstein!  This was one of my favorite stops last year, the town is beyond charming, and the country side is gorgeous!  The boys and I began the day with a 20 mile bike ride through the vineyards and small country towns!  Andrew and John had a total blast, it was fun to watch them have such a great time!

After our refreshing bike ride, we headed into the town.  Durnstein is basically made up of a 1/4 mile street full of charming souvenir shops and adorable little restaurants.  I didn't take any pictures last year so click HERE to see what the town looks like!  This year we did find this ice cream cone that matched my shirt exactly, so that was pretty cool.

After our tour of the town, we went back to the ship to have lunch.  After lunch, Andrew and I headed to the river bank to take a little dip in the Danube river!  Andrew went all out and went full of swimming, I just stuck my feet in.  Ben came running down the bank to join us for a few minutes!

After our active and eventful day in Durnstein, we boarded the boat right as it started to pour rain!  It was perfect timing.  That night we had a fun karaoke night on the ship after dinner! 

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  1. I love older graveyards! Maybe this one isn't old but all the new ones in the states are boring. But I love visiting tombstones. They're like little monuments for people. I think it's beautiful. And that one is gorgeous with all the flowers! This day looks like so much fun. I'm impressed that you all exercised too! :)