Friday, August 28, 2015

Fun on the Ship

Life on a river boat is pretty amazing.  Everything in the minibars was completely free and got refreshed every morning, the bar in the lounge had unlimited, free soda, and the staff always had plenty of fun things going on for the kids.  Life was good.

On afternoon we decorated cookies

Ben made a cookie for his new BFF Joseph

Ben and Will LIVED at the bar, and made good friends with all of the bar tenders as well as the lounge piano player.  Below they are with Boody and Ozmi.

And here they are with Sonya, she was feisty and I liked her a lot.  She always served my Shirley temples in the biggest glasses they had.

And here is Will with the head bartender, Kuswandi.

Here are the boys with all their winnings from the Tauck Buck store.  They ended up with some really awesome prizes!

One night we had a Just Dance party.  Ben and Will got the party started when they went up! Everyone came up and joined in with them, they chose to dance to YMCA and it was a good choice.

We got all dressed up for our farewell dinner

Then things got crazy ... 

We tried to get John and Andrew to join in the party

They cooperated for one photo.  And it's a GOOD photo.

Then we reluctantly had to say goodbye to our super fun and adorable tour directors and moved on to the next part of our European month abroad.  The Burtons rented a car and stayed in Germany for a little while longer then headed to Prague.  While Mom, Dad and I headed to Scotland, England and Wales for the next two weeks! So that means lots more pictures and posts headed your way!


  1. I loved the caught the fun, and the boys smiles. I loved the picture of Ben sitting on the deck watching the world pass by. Wish I could transport over to the warm, sunny deck with the cool breeze and the relaxed atmosphere on the ship!

  2. I loved the motion pictures too! What a fun time. The crew on the ship were awesome. It was fun to get to know them. Will's favorite part of the cruise was the bar--haha! I think he drank gallons of sprite on this trip!