Friday, August 14, 2015

Budapest by Night

After dinner we walked over to St. Stephens Basilica for an organ concert.  It was amazing, such a lovely experience.  Along with the two organs, there were two opera soloists and a trumpeter. 

After the concert, we walked across the street so we could introduce the Burtons to the best gelato in all of Hungary.  The boys were blown away by how intricate and pretty their ice cream cones were!  The macarons were beautiful as well, they were sparkly!  I, of course, had to get some to try.

Our last stop for the day was at the giant farris wheel in the park right by our hotel.  I saved my macarons to enjoy as we soared above the city and enjoyed all the lit up monuments and buildings

Here are some pictures of our lovely hotel.


  1. That concert sounds amazing! How neat you guys got to go to it. I am impressed by your night-picture taking skills!

  2. What a dream day! We fit everything in that we wanted to do and the concert and rose ice cream was the icing on the cake!