Monday, February 27, 2017

Guiding Santa to City Creek Mall

City Creek Mall sure knows how to kick off the holiday season! They have a big evening full of all sorts of fun Christmas activities. The evening began with a huge crowd guiding Santa to the mall with glow sticks!

We all sang Christmas carols and waved our glow sticks in the air like airport traffic controllers , and in a burst of fireworks, Santa appeared!

V was completely mesmerized by the glow sticks

Then the whole crowd moved down to the opposite end of the mall for performances of selected numbers from Ballet West's The Nutcracker.

Next up were brand new holiday themed fountain shows!

By now Vienne was freezing, she has a serious thing against gloves and her hands were turning into iceicles, so the Madisons said goodbye and headed home. I wasn't quite ready to be done having fun yet (I had literally spent an hour and a half in the parking structure trying to get a parking spot, so I was going to make sure I made it worth it!)

I got a caramel apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and walked over to Macy's to see their candy windows.

While I do always enjoy seeing the creativity of the candy windows, and I am so happy they brought them back after so many years without them, I miss the days when the candy windows were giant displays of entire scenes. Growing up I remember seeing scenes from fairy tales made completely out of candy and being enchanted with them. The modern ornament idea is fun, but I wish they would break away from it and move more towards the original candy window concept.

The sponsor this year was Sinclair gas, whose motto is, "fueling your next adventure" thus all entries had to include Sinclair's iconic dinosaur mascot. Dinosaur's and Christmas are hard to mash together. I know all of this because it has been a dream of mine and Bethy's to create one of these candy windows and we actually got around to submitting an application this year. Bethy drew up an amazing and creative concept and sent it in with our application. She got a call and was asked in for an interview. She said the interview went extremely well and the interviewer seems very impressed with her idea as well as her very organized plan of action for creating our candy ornament. We were super surprised when her design didn't get picked. However, now that we know the process we will definitely be submitting more designs in years to come! I was also glad I knew why there were dinosaurs on all the ornaments, otherwise I would have been super confused, I overheard tons of people discussing why there were dinosaurs and how random it was.

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