Saturday, February 18, 2017

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!
The family always looks so great all dressed up 
in their halloween costumes!

Cinderella with her prince charming and fairy godmother 

An awesome looking Star Wars clan,
Obi Wan Kenobi, teenage Anakin, Princess Amidala, Princess Lei, a young Luke Skywalker, Rey and everyone's two favorite driods, BB8 and R2D2.

This fuzzy ewok made a very brief appearance

A hall of famer baseball player and Mulan

As we all know, I love a good obscure, unique halloween costume, so I came as The Galaxy.

As always, the buffet was so fun and festive. These pepper jack-o-lanterns were so perfect!

These two are still working on their relationship, V has really come to love Dorie. Dorie is still working on loving V

This is how we all felt when it was time to eat! So excited!

I had two little buddies begging for treats 


These two love each other so much, it's adorable. Dad loves kitties and Sadie is the best lap cat and adores spending time with Dad.

After dinner many of us changed into comfy clothes and we all watched Hocus Pocus. I was surprised at how many members of my family had never seen this classic Halloween film!

Actual Halloween night fell on the night after we got home from New York, so we all wanted to have a nice relaxing evening. This was the first year Beth and Reece were taking little V trick-or-treating and I wanted to be there to see her reaction! They took her around my parents neighborhood since we have such fond memories of that neighborhood, it was the perfect place for V's first Hallween experience.

We kept the costumes nice and low key, V and B were skeletons and I was a little black kitty.

We had a very delicious and festive dinner while we waited for the sun to go down

To help V catch the vision of trick-or-treating, we did a practice run at Grammy and Grandpop's front door.

Then we were off, we have the sweetest neighbors and they were all super excited to see V, she was a little nervous at the first house, but when she caught on that we were collecting candy from each house, she got real excited and loved it!

We made sure to stop by the Bently's, theirs was always our favorite house growing up and we would always save it for last. They invite everyone in and have warm, homemade scones and cider for everyone and they show halloween movies all night. It was always the perfect place to go to warm up and chat with all the neighbor kids about all the candy they had collected.

Then we made a special stop at the "castle house" that we pass on our way to our parents house. The family that lives there loves Halloween and always has something fun going on in their front yard. This year they hosted a Mad Tea party, everyone was there from Alice, to the Queen of Harts, the White Rabbit and even the blue Caterpillar, he was Vienne's favorite.

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