Monday, February 20, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

I actually had time this year to decorate my home for Thanksgiving this past year, I haven't had time to even think about decorating for a holiday for the past couple of years. I made sure to live up this holiday season as much as possible since I actually had the time to dedicate to enjoying life and getting into holiday spirit.

I get my love of decorating for the holidays from my very talented mother, this is what her thanksgiving table looked like this year. I loved the color scheme she went with, the pale, sage green looked gorgeous with the deep oranges of the pumpkins.

The kids did the place cards this year, their handwriting is so adorable

Karin and her family were in town for Thanksgiving this year! It's always more fun when the Burtons are around. Since I was sick, I couldn't make the rolls like I do every year, so Karin got the honor of learning how to make them.

Bethy curated this beautiful cheese and fruit plate for all of us to enjoy as an appetizer 

I love seeing little groups gather when all the family is together. It's so fun to see the cousins hanging out. All the Griffin kids and Vienne get so excited when their Burton cousins are in town, they are so much fun to hang out with.

The two best cooks with their little helper

The kids table, they all had a great time sitting together. 

We had such a lovely big group this year! All of our family plus Doug, Sue and Marolynn

Apparently Reece and I didn't get the memo about this photo ... ooops 

After our delicious meal we headed to the movie theater to see Moana. We always see the new Disney movie on Thanksgiving, I love that tradition!

Everyone loved the movie, it's adorable and has an amazing soundtrack. After the movie we bundled up and headed to temple square to see the Christmas lights!

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