Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tim McGraw at the MGM Grand

Lex and I had a trip planned to Disneyland to enjoy all of it's magical Christmas decor and festivities. We discovered Tim McGraw was playing a concert at the MGM Grand the weekend before we planned to go to Disney. It was fate! Tim and Disney?? Two of my favorite things?? Yes please! I drove down to St. George the night before the concert to meet up with Lex and spend the night at her place. When I got to her house, we went and got peppermint milk shakes at Chick-fil-a and drove around looking at all the best "dressed" houses. St. George definitely brings it's A game when it comes to decorating for Christmas!

This was our favorite houses, we jut did slow drive bys at the other houses, but this one I had to get out and walk around it to appreciate all of it's amazing decor.

Then we went back to Lex's house, got in our comfy jams, cuddled her adorable little dog, Chester, then headed to bed!

When we woke up, we had a nice leisurely morning, then we packed up the car and were on our way to Vegas. Sweet lil Chester desperately wanted to come with us, I wanted him to come as well! But alas, he needed to stay home. So we said goodbye and hit the road.

We got to Vegas in time for lunch at Grimaldi's, home of our favorite pizza in the world! Then it was back to our hotel to get ready for our evening with Tim!

We had floor seats, but they were back row floor seats. During the opener, Chris Janson, we could barely see a thing so we decided to test our luck and find some closer seats. While Tim's band was setting up, we found a couple of seats on the 10thish row and sat down and waited for people to come kick us out of their seats. However, no one ever came! So we got to see Tim up close and personal!

Tim was having such a great time, he was talking a lot more than he usually does at his shows and he was being so silly. His mom and sisters were in the crowd, along with several of his friends so he kept making jokes to them and was having a blast all night long. He also kept making reference to how he had been gaining weight because of all the Christmas cookies he had been eating and how his show clothes didn't fit him anymore.... Tim, we could still see your six pack through your shirt, you're still as ripped as ever, enjoy them cookies!

Such a fun night!!

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