Thursday, February 16, 2017

Russian Tea Room and Inferno Party

For our last night in New York we dined at the grand Russian Tea Room. My parents and I had been to this impressive restaurant a couple of years ago, and we were super excited to share it with the rest of the family. 

After dinner we asked if we could go see the enchanting second floor, famous for it's larger than life bear aquarium. We were told it was closed, but were offered an escorted viewing of it. It was a once in a life time experience to have that breath taking room all to ourselves.

After dinner it was back to the subway to our fun evening plans. V was such a cute little New Yorker, she caught on to riding the subway like a champ.

Mom, Dad, Karin, Jenny and Mike headed to Times Square to see superb Lion King production.

While Bethy and I headed back to the hotel to get dressed up for one unforgettable halloween party at the McKittrick Hotel. The theme of the party was classic Halloween movie monsters, when we bought our tickets we signed up to come a either a vampire, werewolf, creature from the black lagoon, invisible man, or witch. The website said costumes would be strictly enforced so we thought we had to come as the monster we signed up under, so we chose vampires. We later found out we could have come dressed as anything we wanted ... next time.

The party was EPIC! It covered 4 floors of the pseudo hotel and used the same rooms/sets at Sleep No More. It was so fun to see this venue in a different light. The main dance party was in the grand ballroom, they had little productions and dancers throughout the night.

After dancing to a few songs in the ballroom, we went off to explore what the other floors had to offer.

In the large street like hallway they had a band at one end, a photo booth at the other and all sorts of party delights in between. There was a fortune teller that we attempted to visited but the line was a little too long for us. They had make up stations all up and down the hallway where guests could get all sorts of goulish make overs

These ghost like dancers were placed in dark corners with color changing spot lights placed on them, they were one of my favorite little gems this party had to offer.

They also had actors playing out something that looked similar to Sleep No More, we saw them a couple of times running through the halls, shouting things at one another. We decided not to follow them around from room to room, but it was fun to happen upon dramatic characters throughout the party.

We found yet another live band in the bath tub room. There were so many live bands everywhere! we also happened upon a few DJs in other rooms, there was no end to the excitement.

We got to take a turn in the famous bath tub!

Here are some close ups of Bethy's amazing costume. She made a rib cage and back bone out of leather and combined it with an awesome victorian outfit.

There were old movies being played in dark corners and secret rooms

All of these areas were super fun, but our favorite part of the party was in lounge. They were having spontaneous lip sync battles going all night, and they were hilarious. The MC would pick two contestants out of the crowd and would play songs for them to "perform" the contestants had no idea what song would be played for them and some of their reactions were priceless.

These three guys performed multiple numbers and were by far a highlight of the night.

This girl was another highlight, she really got into her song and made the crowd go wild.

It was definitely a night to remember!

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